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Manzed Audio is the trading brand of location sound recordist and audio post production engineer Juan Martinez. With bases in Manchester as well as Málaga and Seville (Spain), we take pride in providing top production and post production sound services for moving image and radio.


We plan, record, edit and mix audio for broadcast and non-broadcast platforms and offer a bespoke service from the moment you contact us until after the project has been delivered – this is our motto us being both, a production and post production audio services company.


Officially certified Post Production Operators by AVID | Pro Tools and Dante by Audinate, PLI covered up to £10m and fully licensed by OFCOM for “Programme Making and Special Events” wireless transmission in the UK. We love our clients not only happy, but coming back and moreover, recommending our sound recordist and other services to others. Word of mouth is everything!


Many thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy our website and work and will always encourage to get in touch no matter what your audio needs may be, we are always willing to give a helping hand. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Brands reel


Brands reel


Welcome to the services section of our website.


Here you can find a bit more about what we can do for you. Find out exactly what our company is about and the type of services we normally offer. These are the kind of tasks we in general get booked for and the main foundation of our work.


This said, our scope keeps broadening as we grow so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a more specific or special request. Fields like VR Audio, Dolby Atmos and higher order surround dubbing and mixing, 5.1 or ambisonics location recording and musical design are for instance services we only occasionally get asked about. However, we have the knowledge and the equipment to perform them to the best of standards. Moreover, our colleagues’ circle keeps growing year after year so for very specialist or bespoke services, we can put you in touch with the right professionals (the people we personally know and trust whom you’ll also benefit the most from).


Our main offer:



  • Dialogue, sync and location voice over.


  • Sound effects, atmos and ambiences recording.


  • Production sound assistance for bigger teams.



  • Track-laying, editing and bespoke sound design.


  • Mixing, mastering and preparation of deliverables.


  • Spectral cleaning and restoration.


Welcome to the “selected credits” section of our page. There is something we want to make clear as we often see people requesting showreels and video examples to production sound recordists or mixers. This may be a sign of lack of awareness by the person indeed requesting it.


Showreels are for professionals who work with already recorded sound as a way to demonstrate their skills in treating/manipulating the audio. Location audio recordists do record live sound as it happens, whether it be dialogue, sync FXs, ambiences or a live performance and will never be able to provide a showreel due to their job ending when handing out the raw recordings or “rushes” (as they’re called in the AV world); hence this little note. A “credit list” is the curriculum vitae of sound recordists and production sound people. It’s a breakdown of the productions they’ve worked in or projects they have been involved within their careers.


We have here decided to present a selection of our most recent credits on particular production types. In our case: TV Entertainment, Documentaries, Commercials and Branded Content or Corporate. We have been credited and worked for other types of productions such as TV drama, feature films and video games to name a few but to keep the section to the main body of our scope of work, here presented are the four main sections (However, if you need a complete credit list of all our work, feel free to drop us a line to request it)

TV Entertainment





Welcome to the audio post production section.


This is the next and final stage in the production process regarding audio. Picture is already locked and audio engineers are working their magic to make the final cut sound superb. The discipline includes “tracklaying” (to prepare or lay down the tracks for a more senior audio editor to edit/mix), sound editing, clean up and restoration, mixing and mastering. There are a few “in-betweens” depending on the particular project but this are the basics. And we are ready to tackle them all.


Here is where we can include a showreel video. It’s in this particular case where “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Audio here has already been taken care of, received some good treatment and polishing and is ready to be enjoyed alongside the picture. Dialogue cleaning, Foley (recording and mixing), sound design, pre and main mixing and mastering create the final soundtrack (in addition to the music that is introduced earlier on to help cut the picture). Every single audio component is here balanced and placed where meant to be within the audible spectrum. Then, and only when the mix has been approved, it goes again onto the picture editor so they can export it and get the final product out for enjoyment.


It’s vital to manage audio post production processes and workflows from the very beginning (1 – pre production) in order to know what needs to be recorded/achieved in 2 – production so we can produce in 3 – post production exactly what we have been requested on first instance. Some other times we just deal with recordings from other location mixers and make them shine to the best of our extent. Or restore poor recordings so they can be used in the final product, avoiding to have to re shoot projects both entirely or partially. We love a challenge and audio post production can be a hefty one!


Feel free to contact us any time for your particular audio post production needs and we hope you enjoy the video below!


Welcome to one of our favourite parts of the website, the “bits”, “gear” or “kit” or most appropriately said “equipment”.


The audio tools we own are a vital part of the services we offer and deliver but it is only combined with our skills when the best results are achieved. That is why we only use the best and most well-known brands in the business for their impeccable reliability, built sturdiness and overall audio quality. From Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Audio Wireless and Wisycom all the way to Neumann, Sennheiser, Ambient and Sanken, we have them all in our arsenal.


We are particularly proud of our microphone selection, there is something suitable for every single occasion. And we are not by any means behind in mixers, recorders, wide-band wireless systems, IFBs, links to camera, timecode, follow-car systems and a very long etcetera. Everything we own is the latest state-of-the-art equipment that only we operate, always maintained to the highest of standards so we can get the job done in the best possible manner. Also, this helps production to reduce costs dealing with hire houses. We are a one-stop-solution for all things audio.


Also, it is worth mentioning that all our kit is Peli-cased and ready to travel.

Heart & soul

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Comfortable dubbing

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Timecode accuracy

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Wideband choices

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Wireless = efficiency

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Power & telemetry

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Crisp & clear

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Need range ?

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Welcome to the contact section.


The website gets to an end but now you can directly get in touch with us and get talking, so that’s why probably this section is the one we like the most. 2-way interaction really starts here!


Here you can find our contact details for direct contact. Feel free to call or drop us a line directly any time in:


🇬🇧📲 +44 (0) 7531 687148

🇪🇸📲+34 659 28 26 23


📩 juan (at) manzed (dot) com